ー Afterglow ー
Small purple flower called heliotrope, symbolizes “afterglow” in the language of flowers.
Great aroma and taste of food and wine. Conversation during the meal.
We would like our guests to be immersed in the afterglow of unforgettable experience in our restaurant, on your way home and even on the next day.
We gave the name “Heliotrope” to our restaurant, to express our wish.

HELIOTROPE is all about “Innovative Cuisine”.
With the theme of Afterglow, we create our own cuisine.
There are no nationalities or stereotypes on our table.
We use the best ingredients carefully selected to create the best dishes with delightful and new discovery.

In Greek mythology, it is said that heliotrope is a flower that Clytie, a water nymph fell in love with Helios, transformed herself after fasting with grief.
A restaurant where even the “hungry nymph” can spend precious time with smile – we welcome you to Heliotrope.

Owner    Ken Ookawara
Chef    Yui Ookawara